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Jeff Anderson ( j-l-a on eBay ) Auction information

j-l-a auctions at eBay       Current or planned auction items

Unsold auction items
39 Honeywell ring light flash                       ends 10/23/00 AVAILABLE
75 Domain name GloryAura.com for sale               ends 11/16/00 AVAILABLE
141 Ebony and Ivory African Elephant                ends MM/DD/YY SOON
196 Modern Woodmen MWA Parade Ax                    ends 11/18/01 Available
199 Barney Google Sparkplug ride-on toy             ends 11/27/02 Available
201 NYBG Wildflowers 14 book set                    ends 12/16/02 Ask
222 Old Signal Electric telegraph code Key          ends 06/18/03 Available
232 The Macintosh Way, Kawasaki signed, HC/DJ NR!   ends 02/03/04 AVAILABLE
233 Old 1000W Mazda GE lamp 120V AC/DC NOS NR!      ends 02/03/04 AVAILABLE
237 3M Two Cycle Overhead Demonstrator MIB NR!      ends 02/08/04 AVAILABLE
246 Glass soot or smoke bell, canopy shade          ends 12/01/04 AVAILABLE
253 2 working Animators, 1 box with stuff           ends 12/02/04 AVAILABLE