Ebony and Ivory African Elephant

right side view with ruler left side view
3/4 view receding 3/4 view approaching

   One owner African elephant for sale!
   I bought this elephant from my biology teacher, Brother Edward Dury, around 1964 in Cincinnati. He was selling various native African items to raise money for another Marianist Brother doing missionary work in Africa. (The other Brother was also Brother Dury -- his brother by birth.)
   Brother Dury died in 1974 and I remember him fondly, but I'm tired of looking at this elephant, and I've dusted it for the last time.
   The body is a hefty chunk of ebony wood, the tusks are legal ivory and I'm not sure if the eyes are painted or small dots of ivory.
   The workmanship is not the best in the world and it rocks slightly when set on a hard, flat surface. It would look nice on YOUR shelf. Thanks for looking.

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