Old Signal Electric telegraph code Key

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The Armature on this telegraph key is plated iron or mild steel, and the plating is spotty. The bakelite finger rest is chipped and worn. The bakelite shorting switch button is in very good shape, still showing mold-line marks. The contacts show almost no wear. The tapered conical return spring is in excellent shape. The spring seems to be made of hard brass (non-magnetic). The insulation is in excellent shape, but I have no idea what it's made of. Everything else is brass, plated brass, or German silver, and could be polished up like new. All the moving parts adjust properly, and it WORKS VERY WELL.

I'm not a telegraph key expert, and know nothing of the history of this key. It's obviously pre-war, but which war?

Somebody here probably knows its age and value, so I'm starting it low, with no reserve, and you can tell me its value.

The stamped marking on the top of the frame matches the second two lines in the title of this page. I used an eraser to clean the marked area, and then didn't get good lighting for the picture. Sorry about that! The city for Signal Electric is usually given as "Menomenee," but the second letter on this key looks like a capital C or an incompletely stamped capital O. It doesn't look anything like the capital "E"s on this line. Perhaps this dates it? The number cast into the bottom of the frame is not defined well enough to read accurately. If I had to guess, I'd say it reads 0891 or 1891.

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