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which I value.
First let me recommend some valuable software tools which I've tried and like, and which also happen to be FREE.

ZoneAlarm is the first line of defense for Internet-connected Windows PCs.
AdAware is the second line of defense against invasion from the Internet.
Notepad+ is an excellent direct replacement for Windows Notepad.

Steve Gibson is a truly skilled PC programmer. He's a person worth knowing and worth listening to, and he also tends to give away great software. Visit him at grc.com and check out his freeware at: Most Popular Freeware on GRC.COM

W.M.MacArthur is an Australian biochemist with an eclectic interest in science. In physics he has developed a new hypothesis regarding the origin and nature of electrons. He has generously allowed me to post a summary of his work in the original DOC format, and in my converted HTML web page format.

Next, let me take you to my current and past eBay auctions. They were the original justification this entire web site.

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